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Our Services

Midwest Land Solutions is your go-to experts for land transformation! We employ efficient techniques and top-notch equipment to clear overgrown brush and trees, turning your property into a functional and beautiful space. Whether you are expanding your backyard, preparing a site, enhancing property access, or restoring wildlife habitats, we’re here to bring your vision to life. 

Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching Services


Tree removal and trimming during land clearing project

At Midwest Land Solutions, safety is our top priority.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch tree care services, including tree trimming, tree cutting, and tree removal.  Whether you have a hazardous tree near a building, a downfall from a storm, or dead trees, we've got you covered.  Trust Midwest Land Solutions to take care of your unwanted trees.

Drone Services


aerial view lake cropped

We offer before and after pictures/videos of your property so you can see the transformation firsthand. Using drone technology, our aerial view approach gives us a better understanding of your land-clearing needs, allowing us to work together to achieve the best results. 

Weed Control Spraying Services


Land clearing crew

It is important to spray after mulching and at the proper time of year. Invasive species can grow up to six feet a year and can cause harm to the natural landscape, native plants/wildlife, and the economy. Our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure we deliver the best results and eliminate potential regrowth.

Foot Plots


With our equipment, we can clear areas for food plots while preserving the soil and minimizing disturbance. This allows for nutrient-rich plots that are ideal for planting crops, whether it's for hunting purposes or agricultural needs. A food source is a win-win situation for your property.

Building and Site Prep


We can remove trees, brush, and other vegetation, creating a clean and level surface. This clears the way for construction crews to begin their work without any obstacles. Our team will address any potential drainage issues, ensuring that the building site is graded for proper water flow. Midwest Land Solutions can help transform vacant land into a well-prepared building site.

Right of Way and Roadside Clearing


We can safely and efficiently clear brush and trees that may obstruct visibility or impede road maintenance. By creating a clear passage, we contribute to the overall safety and functionality of roadways. Our team's attention to detail and commitment to quality make us an ideal partner for roadside and right-of-way clearing projects.

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